Clear Skye named Featured Vendor in KuppingerCole IGA for ServiceNow Infrastructures Compass Report
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Identity Management on the Now Platform:
Clear Skye Benefits

Everything is better when identity governance is built on and lives in ServiceNow: workflow management, access requests, access review, and identity lifecycle management across the organization. Streamline and simplify with Clear Skye.

Govern All Applications

One Portal for Everything

The Smarter Way to Workflow

Native. Not Integrated.

Proven Scalability + Security

Born in the Cloud


What Our Customers Say

"Clear Skye provides us a native ServiceNow experience for Identity and Access Management.  The ability to take advantage of CMDB and Compliance (GRC-IRM) information natively within the Identity Solution is highly valuable and is simplified with Clear Skye on the ServiceNow platform."

Todd Wiedman

Chief Information Security Officer

"Clear Skye was able to simplify, standardize, and automate a manual process that took countless hours, dozens of spreadsheets, and hundreds of manual emails. Not only did we reduce cost and increase security, we significantly improved the lives of our team members responsible for user access."

Suneetha Golla, CISA, CISM

Cyber Security Manager, Identity + Access Governance

If you’re able to use ServiceNow on a single pane of glass it will prove extremely valuable across your entire enterprise. Bringing in the compliance standpoint just made sense to us.”

Aaron Nielsen

Business System Manager

"Clear Skye provides a great solution. I don’t know any other way to put it. When I first joined 84.51°, half of my time was provisioning for 1,200+ employees. Now I get maybe 5 or 6 tickets a week."

Chris Miller

Lead Security Analyst

Build a Culture of Governance with Clear Skye IGA on ServiceNow

Learn how to address the same identity governance challenges Clear Skye sees across the industry, and better understand how your entire enterprise benefits when governance becomes a seamless process for end users — not a complex drain on productivity.

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IGA + ServiceNow
Better Together

When you're Built On Now, you provide a simpler approach to identity governance and administration by removing the need for a standalone IGA solution. Lower cost. Quicker time to value. Less complexity. It's that easy.

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Proud to be Recognized by Gartner

Clear Skye is the only IGA vendor native to ServiceNow included in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide on Identity Governance and Administration.

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Clear Skye White Paper

KuppingerCole Executive Report

Clear Skye IGA: IGA on the ServiceNow Now Platform is a new analyst report on our unique approach that bridges the gap between ITSM and IGA allowing for fast and efficient implementation of IGA capabilities for organizations already using ServiceNow.

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