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Clear Skye provides resources designed to assist our customers in finding the answers they need when they need them.

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Identity Security and Governance on ServiceNow with Clear Skye

Feature and Enhancement Requests

Feature and enhancement requests may be submitted directly to Clear Skye product management  

Clear Skye support may also convert a case to an idea (and subsequently close the case) if it is determined to be a feature or enhancement request.
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Local Coverage

Support Availability


8 AM - 8 PM
Central Standard Time
Monday - Friday

Europe, UKI, Middle East & Africa

8 AM - 8 PM
Central European Time
Monday - Friday

Asia Pacific

8 AM - 8 PM
Australian Central Time
Monday - Friday

Clear Skye Customers are entitled to support during the hours listed above for the region where the ServiceNow data center in which Clear Skye IGA is installed resides.

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