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Improve Productivity + Satisfaction by Reducing Complexity

Clear Skye IGA empowers knowledge workers to request enterprise system access through the existing Service Portal.

The Clear Skye Approach

Employees need resources to do their jobs. When they don't know where to go to request something, they become frustrated and productivity is negatively impacted. At Clear Skye, we believe users should have one place to go when they need to request anything from the business, including system access.

Access Requests Customized to Your Workflows

Self-service access request empowers employees to have the access they need to do their jobs and drive business forward efficiently while keeping the auditors happy.

The access request process is often hampered by stand-alone IGA solutions that force you to use their proprietary portals and workflows. This can lead to training burden, poor user experience and ultimately processes being circumvented. Frustrated users who don’t know which portal to use eventually become a burden on the help-desk, costing the company money and defeating the purpose of deploying an access request system.

Provide a Great Experience that Unexpectedly Delights Users

Clear Skye IGA provides access request capabilities without the common challenges of IGA solutions. By being a native ServiceNow application, we are leveraging the Service Portal your users regularly use. Our approach ensures that there is no need for new training and promotes participation by everyone, which leads to a successful IGA program.  Your approval workflows can be as fine-grained as you like because we are taking advantage of the most widely-used enterprise workflow platform in the world; one that your organization is already successfully using. This means that your approval workflows will ALWAYS align with your business processes, without the need for extra training or changes to business flows.

Clear Skye IGA provides Access Request capabilities that realize the promise of speed and business alignment that other IGA solutions do not offer.  

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“Users that cannot remember which portal to use for what requests will become frustrated and go to the help desk. This begins costly and risky headwinds to your IGA program."
CISO - Big Data Analytics Customer
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