Access Review

Access review

Increase Accuracy + Speed of Access Certifications

Carry out access certification campaigns that promote accountability to the business through user attestation processes.

The Clear Skye Approach

Clear Skye simplifies access certification by enabling your team leaders and application owners to leverage the Service Portal they are already using. This greatly minimizes business friction which increases participation, speed and accuracy.

Certifications Are a Team Sport

During certifications, organizations ask their teams the following questions:

- Who has access to what resources?
- Is it the appropriate amount of access?
- Who granted that access?
- When was it granted?
- Were exceptions made?
- When was it reviewed?

The old saying "you can't manage what you can't see" is true and Access Certification gives you both visibility and control. During the Access Certification process managers and application owners have the freedom to decide what access is appropriate while being held accountable for these decisions.

Spreadsheets Are Not Enough

Clear Skye IGA is native to ServiceNow and thus embedded in an organization’s IT processes. By performing Access Reviews in the existing Service Portal, you will greatly increase the accuracy and velocity of your attestation campaigns.  This eliminates all of the challenges with spreadsheet and e-mail driven reviews.  Executives can easily monitor the progress of campaigns.

Go Native

Clear Skye IGA removes the friction caused by the introduction of clunky new portals and limiting workflows. Review processes are less of a burden for users and thus more effective. Clear Skye makes necessary certifications more accurate and easier on stakeholders.

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“Access Reviews that leverage the interfaces and workflows that applications owners are already using will reduce friction in a critical process.”
VP of IAM - Card Processing Customer
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