Identity Lifecycle Management

identity lifecycle management

Empower the Business While Maintaining Security

Automate application access across the enterprise with both direct and native indirect fulfillment.

The Clear Skye Approach
Being native to the Now Platform allows us to greatly increase the effectiveness of indirect fulfillment methods. This reduces the complexity, time-to-value and total cost of ownership of your IGA program. In addition, Clear Skye IGA offers robust capabilities to connect to critical applications that demand automation.

Lifecycle Management Improves Employee Productivity

Your team needs access to applications to do their jobs. At each stage in an employee, contractor or partner's lifecycle, their access needs will change.  It is up to the IGA program to ensure that entitlements are updated at all stages, including:

- Onboarding
- Conversion from contractor to full time employee
- Job change or promotion
- Termination
- Retirement

Automating Lifecycle Management Across the Enterprise

Clear Skye IGA lets you manage changes to application access as team members go through their employment journey. This includes leveraging role and attribute-based policies to ensure the right access is granted  every step of the way. The Clear Skye approach extends conventional identity lifecycle processes through automatic integration to all workloads on the Now Platform.

For example, a complete onboarding experience involves collaboration from HR, IT (to issue hardware) and Training. By being native to the NOW Platform, Clear Skye IGA will not only facilitate provisioning of application access, but also hardware, physical security, training etc through one seamless experience. Also, having direct access to other platform citizens, like Security Operations, CMDB, GRC can enrichen the experience and better inform provisioning decisions.

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“Indirect fulfillment : This should be the default first option for every system and consists of the IGA system opening a ticket for every change that needs to be made in target applications or servers.”
Gartner Critical Capabilities 2019
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