Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Adapt Workflows to Your Business, Not the Other Way Around

Get the flexibility and ease of use to automate Identity Governance like any other business process.

The Clear Skye Approach

Clear Skye IGA enables you to leverage the industry leading workflow system that you already own. There is simply no need  to learn, manage and deploy a second workflow system for application access. Less is more and better is better.

Frictionless Workflow Isn't a Dream

The flexibility and configurability of workflow approval processes is critical to the adoption of an IGA system. If the workflow is unable to reflect the optimal business processes then the IGA system will add friction to the business, slowing down adoption and reducing the value of the solution. This need for flexibility is one reason why cloud based IGA solutions have been slower to gain traction — most cloud solutions trade flexibility for ease of use and time to value.

The Power of the Cloud with the Flexibility of On-Premise

Clear Skye being native to the NOW platform benefits from the industry's leading workflow system. Thousands of companies are using ServiceNow workflows to manage IT processes, modernize their business and to create amazing user experiences for their employees, contractors and customers. Extending that user experience to IGA should be a top priority.

Workflow is a cornerstone of IGA. Clear Skye leverages the best workflow in the industry.

Why Settle? See Clear Skye IGA workflows in action by scheduling a demo today >
“Buyers who choose SaaS-delivered IGA have established that ease of deployment and use; time to value; and frequent, easy-to- consume functional upgrades are benefits that have outweighed the concerns of having more limited options for customizations.”
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