Value Acceleration

Clear Skye IGA + ServiceNow Security Operations

Increase platform ROI and maximize value with a combined solution

  • Improve security incident response efficiency
  • Assist in maintaining zero trust security approach
  • Reduce access-related vulnerabilities
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Enhance ServiceNow SecOps with Identity Security

Security Incident Response

» Faster Analysis
Quickly view potentially compromised accounts

» Lateral Movement detection and prevention
Detect and block attempts at getting access through compromised accounts

» Instant Containment
Disable potentially affected accounts with one click

» Faster Recovery
Automatically restore accounts and permissions post-incident

Zero Trust & Vulnerability Management

» Just in-time access
Provision changes to access just in time to reduce standing privileges

» Foreign Change Detection
Identify newly granted privileged entitlements made outside of official approval processes

» Manage access risk
Initiate remediation efforts of any flagged access within vulnerability response management

Webinar: Enhancing ServiceNow SecOps with Identity Data

Learn how to harness Clear Skye’s identity capabilities and information & ServiceNow’s security playbooks to identify malicious attacks in this on-demand session

Identity on the Platform Accelerates Value

Clear Skye is an identity security and governance solution built natively on the ServiceNow platform. We reimagine enterprise identity access and risk management by enabling organizations to use a familiar interface, provide deeper identity control and insight, and build a bridge between the business and IT.

By reducing silos between functional areas like SecOps, HR, IT, and GRC, Clear Skye reduces friction, increases efficiency, and accelerates time-to-value.
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