Trust and Security

Data protection and security are paramount

ServiceNow, and by extension Clear Skye, customers gain the benefits of a common, highly standardized cloud infrastructure.
Clear Skye
Ensure platform stability and performance persist
Clear Skye
Ensure platform security persists
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Clear Skye
Identity Security and Governance on ServiceNow with Clear Skye
Now Platform

Built on Trust & Transparency

Clear Skye IGA is a solution built on ServiceNow. Clear Skye, and our customers, benefit from the investments ServiceNow has made in security and trust in the Now Platform. In addition, Clear Skye IGA is rigorously tested and certified by ServiceNow before every release to the ServiceNow Store.

The certification process is in place to ensure that the least possible amount of risk is introduced into customers instances as possible. The ServiceNow certification team inspects our application code, installation, and architecture to ensure that ServiceNow best practices have been followed.
Clear Skye and service now

Bill McDermott


"Trust is foundational to everything we do at ServiceNow. With our highly secure, agile, cloud infrastructure, ServiceNow provides robust protection to our customers at every moment of their journey. Our continuous monitoring brings peace of mind so customers can focus on what they do best.

Clear Skye and FedRAMP

Clear Skye IGA is also available for adoption and use by U.S. Federal Government agencies

FedRAMP empowers agencies to use modern cloud technologies – like ServiceNow – with an emphasis on security and protection of federal information.  

Here’s how Dave Cosio, Sr. Advisory Solution Architect - America’s Alliance & Channels Solution Consulting at ServiceNow, explains the FedRAMP process for obtaining Clear Skye IGA on the FedRAMP High Cloud:

"There are two ServiceNow Application Stores -- the commercial "ServiceNow Store" and the "ServiceNow Federal Store". The ServiceNow Federal Store exists on the ServiceNow FedRAMP High Cloud and is only accessible to Federal employees and Federal contractors with access to the ServiceNow instances running in the FedRAMP High Cloud.  

When ServiceNow and our ISV Partners release applications, the application first goes through a rigorous ServiceNow Store certification process. This process includes a deep security certification process to ensure ServiceNow’s extensive security regimen.

Upon completing the ServiceNow Store certification process, the application further goes through a ServiceNow Federal Store review process to ensure it meets ServiceNow FedRAMP requirements.

After completing the ServiceNow Federal Store review, ServiceNow promotes the application to Federal Customer FedRAMP ServiceNow instances. The application is then available for installation in the customer’s environment.

The application is thus residing on the customer’s ServiceNow instance in the FedRAMP Cloud and is part of ServiceNow’s FedRAMP authorization."

Make Identity Governance Better

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