Workflow Management

Adapt Workflows to Your Business, Not the Other Way Around

Clear Skye Workflow Management leverages the industry-leading workflow system you already own.
Converge IGA and ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) to align workflows across the enterprise
Add new apps anytime with the peace of mind that existing control and access requirements are already in place
Close incidents faster while empowering the Help Desk to pull critical permission and credential info from ITSM
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Converge IGA, ITSM, and More

Identity data moves out of its silo and onto the Now Platform’s data warehouse where identity and governance processes are standardized and transparent.

Industry-Leading Workflow

Benefit from easily configurable workflows instead of writing custom integrations over and over again.

Enterprise-Wide Governance

Lay the foundation for strategies for onboarding, lifecycle management, deprovisioning, and more identity-related functions.

Access Catalog

Define and publish permissions, workflows, and all the information that IT needs to govern enterprise applications; then application owners submit new apps for onboarding.

Customer Success: Premise Health

Read how Premise Health automated the review process for dozens of enterprise apps that contain sensitive patient information.

Workflow Management with Clear Skye on ServiceNow

Identity data is on the Now Platform and the enterprise can leverage this data in other ServiceNow modules, including Security Operations (SecOps) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).
Industry-leading workflow system
Simplified application onboarding
Standardized and transparent identity governance
Help desk optimization
Productivity gains
Simplified ticket/incident investigation

Make Workflows Better

See Clear Skye workflow management in action