Clear Skye named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity-First Security.
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Rene Haeberlin
ABB Account Director
“Clear Skye has from the onset been a reliable, experienced and customer-oriented partner from the first moment we approached them and introduced them to ABB. From there on, they built immediate credibility with ABB while showcasing the power of the Now Platform and synergies with all other potential value chains already running on the platform and other existing opportunities for the platform beyond IDM (e.g. risk). Clear Skye also had the foresight to immediately begin partnering with Accenture, ABB's preferred implementation partner, to begin training them for the potential implementation and regional expansion. We have heard nothing but consistent positive feedback from ABB since the deal was closed and their Project Sponsor truly shows delight in his face when talking about Clear Skye. Since then, we haven't hesitated to recommend Clear Skye to all our other accounts.”
Michael Dobson
Director, Information Security
"Managing identity natively on the ServiceNow platform was important to us, as it reduces complexity and risk associated with data migrations and transpositions between systems. Clear Skye enables us to connect our team to the assets and services they need through a single pane of glass view, while also bridging our corporate identity store with security and risk monitoring technologies."
Todd Wiedman
Chief Information Security Officer
"Clear Skye provides us a native ServiceNow experience for Identity and Access Management.  The ability to take advantage of CMDB and Compliance (GRC-IRM) information natively within the Identity Solution is highly valuable and is simplified with Clear Skye on the ServiceNow platform."
Aaron Nielsen
Business System Manager
If you’re able to use ServiceNow on a single pane of glass it will prove extremely valuable across your entire enterprise. Bringing in the compliance standpoint just made sense to us.”
Brian Bailey
Managing Partner
"What we love about Clear Skye is that the solution provides the evidence needed for audits — and connected to Active Directory or to SAP — we now continually know who has access to what, who granted that access, and who has evidence of it. When the audit does come – it’s all right there. Clear Skye allows customers to scale, save labor, and empowers the ServiceNow IRM solution. Automatic indicators are the key to continuous compliance and Clear Skye enables that."
Suneetha Golla, CISA, CISM
Director, Identity and Access Management
"Clear Skye was able to simplify, standardize, and automate a manual process that took countless hours, dozens of spreadsheets, and hundreds of manual emails. Not only did we reduce cost and increase security, we significantly improved the lives of our team members responsible for user access."
Chris Miller
Cyber Security Manager, Identity + Access Governance
"Clear Skye provides a great solution. I don’t know any other way to put it. When I first joined 84.51°, half of my time was provisioning for 1,200+ employees. Now I get maybe 5 or 6 tickets a week."
Paul Bedi
"Clear Skye is one of the most disruptive product developments in the Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) space that we have seen in the last few years. We’re excited to partner with Clear Skye so we can greatly improve IGA results through true alignment between ITSM and Identity Governance on the Now Platform."

Case Studies

Learn how Clear Skye customers are accelerating their organization's digital transformation with identity on ServiceNow.


Clear Skye helped Secureworks redefine identity security and governance through the power of the ServiceNow Now Platform.

Premise Health

Premise Health simplified and standardized access certification review using Clear Skye IGA on the ServiceNow Now Platform.

Landis + Gyr

Landis+Gyr centralized global identity requests and extended workforce by running Clear Skye IGA on the ServiceNow Now Platform.

Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network saved time and money by extending the ServiceNow Now Platform to run the Clear Skye IGA solution.


84.51° automated identity management with Clear Skye on the Now Platform and made a more secure company in the process.

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