A Platform-First Approach is the Key to Modern Identity Management, According to Enterprise Strategy Group

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Gina Devine
Identity Governance
December 7, 2022

Yesterday, we announced the release of a new white paper from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) exploring how a platform approach can help organizations optimize their identity management strategy. According to the paper, deploying identity governance and administration (IGA) as a native application on a business platform can simplify operations, increase efficiency, and improve the overall user experience.

Recent research from ESG found that nearly half of organizations (46%) have suffered a breach due to identity-related threats. Distributed work environments, lack of consolidated identity solutions, and increasing use of enterprise applications have made determining appropriate levels of access even more challenging. To survive and thrive in this environment, organizations must approach identity in a more strategic way.

This is why enterprises are rethinking the traditionally siloed applications of IGA. In fact, over the next 12-18 months, 54% expect to expand use of their existing IGA; 54% expect to extend IGA to support more cloud, hybrid, and SaaS apps; 50% expect to expand their IGA purview to include workload identities; and 50% expect to integrate IGA with business and process automation.

“Organizations are now shifting to integrated and unified business platforms to manage their IT environments,” said Jack Poller, Senior Analyst, ESG. “Clear Skye has done just that, building an IGA solution on the ServiceNow Platform. With Clear Skye, enterprises can rapidly coalesce identity information into a single source of truth while leveraging the consistent user experience, automation, and built-in connectors to optimize IGA organization-wide.”

“Identity is a fundamental component of every application and system, whether on-premises or in the cloud,” said John Milburn, CEO, Clear Skye. “When IGA lives in the same place organizations manage the rest of their IT environment, identity management can integrate with other operational activities, creating more secure, compliant, and user friendly business processes.”

To learn more about how you can modernize your organization’s identity strategy with a platform-first approach, download the free white paper.

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