After Success in 2020, There’s A New Hope for the Future of IGA with Clear Skye and ServiceNow

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John Milburn
Identity Governance
January 6, 2021

A 2020 Clear Skye year-end review and our thoughts on where identity on the Now Platform—and beyond—goes from here.

Identity, access, governance, and compliance have all evolved substantially in recent years. However, solutions haven’t kept pace with rapid advances in cloud-based business applications that grant employees access from mobile devices and distant locations.

Digital transformation means it’s never been easier for knowledge workers to log on, log in, and get things done. It’s great for productivity – and it became a lifeline as so many of us shifted suddenly to remote work in 2020. But it’s also a challenge for the teams tasked with managing assets, controlling employee access, and monitoring individual and enterprise-wide threats. When these teams are armed with inadequate tools, they will always face an uphill battle. 

With Clear Skye, everything is better when identity governance is built on and lives in the Now Platform. This offers a range of benefits: From governing all applications in a single portal to being native, not integrated to ServiceNow. Running Clear Skye IGA gives enterprises a smarter way to workflow and the peace of mind in knowing that they now have proven scalability and security that comes with an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution born in the cloud.

2020 was a critical year for Clear Skye. It was our first year out of stealth mode, and our debut of “A Better Way to IGA™.” The results have been inspiring, especially at a time when inspiration has been in short supply. We believe that organizations around the world are ready to transform the way they manage their IGA programs, and we’re proud to validate our vision with the addition of new customers, partners, and prospects that strive for a brighter, re-imagined identity governance future.

Here’s a quick look back at our year in review. Our results in 2020 have us optimistic for 2021.

Market Dynamics. For too long, the main players in the identity space have been retrofitting IAM tools into IGA workflows. These efforts have led many enterprises to overspend on back-office infrastructure, all while leaving gaping holes in their governance strategies. Not surprisingly, Gartner estimates that 76% of enterprises are looking to replace their IGA solutions – which presents companies like Clear Skye with a golden opportunity.

Customer Outcomes. This is the most important metric to our team, and we’re happy to report a 100% renewal rate with the Clear Skye IGA solution last year. That’s a testament to our ability to deliver value to our cherished customer base. Additionally, 2020 was our first year to be included in the Gartner Peer Insights program, where we currently enjoy a five-star rating. As one of our customers said: “Clear Skye is an innovative company focused on ensuring their product delivers on the commitment and value promised.”

Growth and Geographic Reach. In 2020, we achieved revenue growth of 289% in a market that’s growing at 10%. Our customer base expanded beyond North America into Europe and Asia Pacific. In support of this, our team has grown by more than 500%.

Advisory Partners. Identity Governance is as much process as it is technology, so having the right partner expertise is critical. Last year, Clear Skye was able to recruit and train 21 of the best identity-skilled advisory partners in the world. "Clear Skye has quickly become a strategic partner to Sopra Steria because it allows us to unite our ServiceNow and Identity and Access Management practices," said Mads Myrvoll, Head of Service Management Consulting at Sopra Steria. "The Clear Skye solution enables us to deliver tremendous value to our customers because it is more than IGA. It facilitates an enterprise-wide risk management system."

Product. In 2020 Clear Skye doubled our product team with a mix of thought leaders with backgrounds in both identity and ServiceNow. Our dedicated team is driven by a single goal: Make IGA easier. Continuous improvements in the areas of performance, visibility, and flexibility can be seen throughout the year as we have a comprehensive and action-packed roadmap moving into 2021. “Clear Skye was able to simplify, standardize, and automate a manual process that took countless hours, dozens of spreadsheets, and hundreds of manual emails,” said Whitney Thompson, Director of IAM at Premise Health.

Third-Party Validation. Industry feedback and validation inform every decision we make, from product through process. In 2020, we began relationships with key industry analysts like KuppingerCole, Gartner, and 451 Research Group. You can read their coverage here:

Based on our success in 2020, and thanks to the customers, partners, and investors who have been part of our journey so far, we believe that 2021 will be an even better year. When IGA become a seamless process, the entire enterprise reaps the benefits. Employees have the right level of access to the right systems at the right time. IGA teams gain a scalable, adaptable, and flexible solution that automates governance and allows for a more strategic approach. The whole organization saves time and money by implementing a solution that leverages its existing investments in both technology and personnel.

We are just beginning our journey of modernizing the IGA space. This year we will be adding even more unique capabilities that will better align your IGA program with your other critical business functions and reduce typical headwinds in areas like application onboarding. Expect more news in the weeks and months ahead about how Clear Skye can help modernize your IGA approach and drive results for your organization.


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