Berlin, Here We Come! Join Clear Skye Live or Virtually at EIC 2022

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Jackson Shaw
Identity Governance
May 4, 2022

Live, from Berlin, it’s Clear Skye! The 2022 Enterprise Identity Conference (EIC) is taking place next week, from May 10-13 and we’ve packed our bags and are ready to go. Hosted by analyst firm KuppingerCole, EIC is Europe’s leading identity and cloud conference, bringing together the brightest minds in IT and security. The hybrid event will live-stream both in-person and virtual sessions covering the top industry trends, challenges, and use cases in enterprise identity today.

I’ll be presenting two keynote sessions and participating on a panel with executives from identity leaders Ping Identity and ForgeRock. One of my sessions titled “The Value Paradox: The 3 Inflections of IGA,” will explore the phases of identity governance and administration (IGA) through modern history. I’ve also penned a new whitepaper by the same name that’s available now for download or at the Clear Skye booth (we’ll be at #8—come say hi if you’re there!).

If you’re not sold yet, here’s a sneak peek of the topics I’ll be diving into in greater depth at the show.

Privacy & the 7 Laws of Identity (19:20 - 19:40 on Tuesday, May 10)

In 2005, the late Kim Cameron penned “The Laws of Identity.” The paper explored how to give internet users a deep sense of safety, privacy, and certainty about their interactions online. With the proliferation of web-based services and applications it was essential to develop a formal understanding of the dynamics causing digital identity systems to succeed or fail. Nearly 20 years later, Cameron’s seven laws of identity are still applicable today. 

Published shortly after the dotcom bust and the introduction of social media, this paper came at a point of inflection for the Internet. Today, with the promise of Web3, a metaverse, and adjusting to a largely virtual working world, we’re living through a similar shift in history. For both points in time, digital identity is at the epicenter—and it’s worth remembering some tried and true lessons from the past. 

This session will explore Cameron’s laws of identity and how enterprise IT leaders can and should apply them to their organizations today. 

Identity Fabrics: The Mesh and the Factory for Identity Services (11:30 - 12:00 on Wednesday, May 11)

Identity Fabrics have been established as a common paradigm for defining and implementing the identity services needed by organizations to provide seamless, secure, and controlled access. Regardless of whether its legacy or a bright and shiny SaaS solution, and where it runs, Identity Fabrics support modern Identity and Access Management (IAM). This entails the shift in thinking of IAM as a singular tool to manage applications, to providing a consistent set of identity services for all digital services.

Identity Fabrics deliver the integration and control plane required to deliver IAM today.

In this panel, participants will discuss where current Identity Fabrics stand, how they are implemented in practice, and what to consider for prioritizing services. It will also cover how to select the right technologies, as well as strategies for building an Identity API layer and integrating it with legacy systems already in place.

Panelists will also touch on whether (and where) specific variants are needed, such as Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and Customer Data Platform (CDP) use cases.

The Value Paradox: The 3 Inflections of IGA (19:40 - 20:00 on Wednesday, May 11)

Like any revolution, identity too has evolved with the phases of the internet to meet the needs of new security threats, technological capabilities, and larger cultural and economic changes. But is it reaching its full potential? Nearly 30 years later, most businesses are still using manual processes like email (50%) and spreadsheets (32%) to manage identity.

This session will explore the 3 inflections of identity governance and administration (IGA):

1.) Directory-enabled Networking

2.) The Rise of the Internet

3.) The Rise of the Platform

By understanding the challenges and new tooling and technologies born out of each inflection, we can better our approach to identity governance and security in years to come, as we prepare for the fourth inflection: The AI Revolution.

Live or online, there’s still time to register for the event. Be sure to download our free whitepaper online or at booth #8 at EIC. We hope to see you there!

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