Clear Skye Announces Over 300% Revenue Growth in First Half 2021

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Jackson Shaw
July 14, 2021

Clear Skye® Inc, the “Better Way to IGA™” identity company, today announced that the company has achieved 325% revenue growth in the first half of 2021, adding new and notable customers in healthcare, life science, manufacturing, and financial service while maintaining a 100% customer retention rate. This has enabled the company to continue its global expansion, both in customer acquisition and new hires, and launch Clear Skye IGA 4.1, significantly enhancing the capabilities of its flagship identity governance and administration (IGA) software.

Remote and hybrid working environments and cloud adoption continue to accelerate in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With this comes an increasing pressure to properly manage access and privileges within an organization. Responsible enterprises realize this, and as a result, Clear Skye has more than doubled both its customer and employee roster over the first half of the year.

"This year’s string of ransomware attacks paired with the proliferation of cloud adoption in the new ‘work from everywhere’ economy is making it clear that the time is now to get serious about identity governance practices, both from a security and a workflow perspective," said John Milburn, CEO at Clear Skye. “Through recent and significant product upgrades and by leveraging the ServiceNow Platform, we’re able to deliver a seamless solution for managing digital identities, and our growth is a reflection of those efforts.”

The release of Clear Skye IGA 4.1 addresses these challenges through its integration with Flow Designer, a ServiceNow workflow that uses natural language and pre-built spokes to help enable IT teams to build workflows for modern business experiences. Clear Skye brings its IGA capabilities direct to ServiceNow Flows, empowering users to manage every user account that is associated with a digital identity within the identity warehouse, with no custom coding needed.

In addition to Flow Designer, Clear Skye IGA 4.1 tackles application governance head-on with the release of its Access Catalog, an innovation that reduces the timeline for application onboarding from months to minutes. With the Access Catalog, from the ServiceNow portal, users can define all of the information needed to govern an app with the ability to assign permissions, set up approval flows, add and remove entitlements, define roles, segregate duties, and default permissions and workflows, if desired. Clear Skye IGA 4.1 is now available on the ServiceNow App Store.

As a result of the company’s unique and seamless approach to identity governance, it has been awarded several prestigious industry honors. In June, Clear Skye was named an inaugural Cool Vendor in Identity-First Security by Gartner, recognizing Identity and Access Management (IAM) companies that demonstrate critical, identity-first applications that support rapid assessment of trust, enhanced modes of authentication, and cloud access. Additionally, Clear Skye was the recipient of a Cyber Defense Magazine Global InfoSec Award, and named to Startup50’s Big-50-2021 list.

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