We Now Present to You: Clear Skye IGA 5.1

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Jackson Shaw
Identity Governance
May 9, 2024

Curious how you can streamline business processes and identity security on the ServiceNow Platform? At Clear Skye, we’ve got you covered. We’re constantly thinking about ways to improve how modern organizations manage identities, and it’s what led us to the release of Clear Skye IGA 5.1, now available on the ServiceNow store. 

The new release enables users to streamline deployments, easily manage employee changes, and gain better visibility into identity data. All vital parts of keeping your business productive, secure, and compliant. The release also includes an Oracle Fusion connector and improved troubleshooting, among other improvements. 

With an emphasis on simplifying workflows and increasing productivity, while strengthening security protocols, the ideal identity governance solution is one that can be deployed through an organization’s existing business platform. In addition to providing a single control point for all applications through automated connectors and ITSM, security systems are synchronized and the user experience is familiar, leading to broader engagement. 

Clear Skye 5.1 enables customers to achieve this through:  

  • Streamlined Deployments and Upgrades: A new automated test framework provides a standardized approach to regression tests on configuration and customizations before Clear Skye and ServiceNow initial roll-outs and upgrades. This enables fast defect detection and reduced time for deployment/upgrade testing. 
  • Easily Managed Employee Changes: In addition to onboarding and offboarding, employees, contractors, and vendors frequently shift roles within an organization. To manage those changes, 5.1 provides a simplified policy model to submit changes, such as creating new identities and updating existing profiles. 
  • Improved Visibility into Identity Data: New dashboards provide a window into identities throughout an organization, while new account-based reports draw attention to key areas of interest. The updated dashboards also offer multi-responsive filters to help zoom in on key areas. 

Accelerated by digital transformation, many organizations are defaulting to manual, inefficient processes, such as tracking in Excel, or legacy identity solutions to keep up. However, this approach simply can’t address the intricacies of modern hybrid and SaaS-driven business environments. As a result, 50% of organizations expect to integrate IGA with business and process automation, according to research from ESG.

However, current SaaS solutions lack feature parity with existing solutions and bring their own challenges with flexibility, customization, and functionality. This challenges IT teams to balance security and compliance with productivity and business continuity. But multiple, siloed solutions and complex processes are confusing, leading to shadow IT and rubber stamp approvals. 

Our CEO John sums it up best: “Organizations need to understand and manage who has access to what across their entire IT ecosystem, from cloud and on-premises application stacks, to infrastructure and DevOps pipelines.” He adds, “This is important from both a security and compliance standpoint, as well as an employee experience one.” 

Clear Skye IGA 5.1 improvements make this easier, faster, and more cost-effective for those running their identity program on ServiceNow. It’s really a no-brainer, but see for yourself. Check us out on the ServiceNow store or watch a demo here

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