Clear Skye IGA 4.0: Now Part of ServiceNow Flow Designer, and Introducing the Access Catalog

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Erin Duncan
Identity Governance
May 12, 2021

ServiceNow customers are reaping the agility and flexibility of digital workflows on the Now platform using the modern no/low/pro-code workflow update called the Flow Designer. With the release of Clear Skye IGA 4.0, available now on the ServiceNow App Store, our solution ensures that identity management is front and center for enterprises who are reimagining their business flows.

Flow Designer is the next generation ServiceNow workflow that uses natural language and pre-built spokes to help enable IT departments as well as business process owners to build workflows for modern business experiences. Flows can be built using limited technical coding knowledge and even support custom actions with scripting if that is required. Understanding the various types of Flow components — from SubFlows to Actions and Conditions — improves efficiency by freeing up staff across the enterprise to focus on high-value work.

Flow Designer provides a rich low or even no code way to automate common but repetitive businesses processes ranging from vacation approval to IT incident management. Instead of managing the tasks, notifications, and records associated with these processes through custom coding (or scribbling on scraps of paper), Flow Designer enables citizen developers as well as pro-code devs to create “flows” that automatically implement your desired business process. This frees up staff across the enterprise to focus on higher-value work.

Clear Skye has always been native to the Now platform — there are no external non-ServiceNow components to our solution. Clear Skye IGA 4.0 comes with our own ServiceNow Spoke that brings the power of IGA to the world of Flow Designer. This brings identity governance and administration capabilities direct to ServiceNow Flows giving enterprise users the ability to not only disable ServiceNow, Azure, or Active Directory user accounts, but manage every user account that is associated to a digital identity within the identity warehouse with no custom coding needed.

“Our 4.0 release provides the ability to consume IntegrationHub Spokes — 200 and growing — within our digital identity fulfillment workflows. This gives Clear Skye one of the most comprehensive integration abilities across the IGA market,” said Paul Walker, Vice President Product Development, Clear Skye.

Clear Skye IGA 4.0 is there every step of the way for enterprises that secure identity lifecycle management as they reimagine business processes. Instead of continuing to be a task that employees have to remember, identity management seamlessly becomes part of the workflow.

Learn more about Clear Skye’s ability to make Identity Flow with ServiceNow Flow Designer on our ServiceNow App Store page – and stay tuned in the weeks to come for more in-depth information about what being part of Flow Designer means for Clear Skye as a company.

Another Key Feature of Clear Skye IGA 4.0: The Access Catalog

There’s more to Clear Skye IGA 4.0 than just Flow Designer. With the release of the AccessCatalog, we’ve tackled one of IGA’s biggest problems: Application governance.

The promise of traditional IGA strategies was to give the business the power to define what each user could do in all applications. At the same time, day-to-day operations for permission requests and approvals remain in the purview of business owners. That’s where oversight of permissions belongs – but it leads to a bottleneck, since application owners can’t define and publish the permissions into specific roles or bundles on their own.

Since most enterprises have to govern hundreds or even thousands of applications, with new ones added every week, the app onboarding process typically goes something like this:

  • Department head builds or buys an application to solve a specific problem.
  • Department head approaches IGA/User Access Mgmt team and requests that app be onboarded to their governance solution.
  • IGA team comes back with a range of questions, such as “What are the levels of permissions?” and “What is the workflow for approving changes?”
  • Department head returns with answers.
  • IGA team says, “Great. We’ll get to this in six months. We have 50 applications in front of you.”

We’ve encountered enterprises that had to hire more than two dozen people to handle all the requests for onboarding applications. That’s inefficient for the IGA team – and for the department that’s waiting for weeks and weeks to use an app that will make it easier to get work done. It’s no wonder that the average IGA solution only touches a fraction of an enterprise’s business-critical systems.

Access Catalog is part of our drive toward more complete application governance. We’re excited to be introducing an innovation that will reduce the timeline for application onboarding from months to a matter of minutes.

With the Access Catalog, the application owner can use the ServiceNow portal, rather than a manual iterative process, to define all of the information that it needs to govern an app. The application owner logs in to the Clear Skye Service Portal and defines the application, with the ability to leverage existing Application Definitions within the Service CMDB offering the chance to use default permissions and workflows if desired. The IGA team reviews and approves the request. It’s that simple.

But it’s more than just the simplicity. One of our goals at Clear Skye is to help enterprises create a culture of governance.

The Access Catalog provides application owners both the ability and responsibility to define how an app is governed: Assigning permissions, setting up approval flows, adding entitlements, define roles, segregating duties, and so on. They understand this level of control and abstraction better than anyone in the enterprise.

Delegating this work to application owners who know their applications and their users best , empowering them to do this work efficiently in a familiar interface, shows that an enterprise is taking governance seriously. It also ensures that no steps are missed in the governance process, which results in audits that are a lot less painful.

Get Started With Clear Skye IGA 4.0

Clear Skye IGA 4.0 is available starting today on the ServiceNow App Store. We’re working with a number of partners to launch client implementations to Clear Skye IGA 4.0 this year. For more information on the Clear Skye IGA 4.0 enterprise features, visit our ServiceNow App Store page.

Create a Culture of Governance

Clear Skye reimagines enterprise identity access and risk management software to make a complicated problem easier to manage by putting IGA where it belongs — on the ServiceNow Now Platform. When governance become a seamless process for end users, and not a complex and laborious drain on productivity, the entire enterprise reaps the benefits.

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