Clear Skye IGA 4.2 Improves Customer Productivity and User Experience

written by
Paul Walker
November 30, 2021
Improved Speed of Integration with Human Resource Platforms via a Low-Code/No-Code Approach and End-User Self-Service Portal Integrated with ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams are Newest Features of Clear Skye IGA 4.2.

Built on the solid foundation of our recent 4.0 release, and customer requests to leverage even more of what the Now Platform already has to offer, I am happy to outline exciting new benefits customers can expect in our v4.2 release.

Bringing a Low-Code/No-Code approach to Human Resource Platform integrations means faster and more accurate identity lifecycle management

With our previous release, Clear Skye IGA 4.0, Clear Skye adopted the ServiceNow Flow Designer technology which uses a combination of natural language and pre-built spokes to build low- and no-code business workflows. In v4.2, Clear Skye has put FlowDesigner to work to deliver policy-driven Flows to onboard identities. This Flow-driven, Low-Code approach, improves accuracy of lifecycle events, and also enables a ‘better together’ story of identity-enabled onboarding from the ServiceNow HR Onboarding and Transitions application.

Many of our customers use Workday and SAP Success Factors which are two of the most successful human resources (HR) platforms on the market. With Clear Skye IGA 4.2, you now can respond to lifecycle events within Workday HR or SAP Success Factors Employee Central and automatically start the digital Identity onboarding of access. This is achieved within Clear Skye IGA using ServiceNow Correlation that discovers and creates relationships between account records that live in different IT systems.

Employee onboarding is a cross departmental team activity, usually involving HR, Finance, Facilities and IT. Clear Skye IGA ensures that IT has an automated process for new account creation and permissioning across all appropriate applications. More importantly, these capabilities can be uniquely delivered as part of a cross departmental workflow, all automated and managed on the ServiceNow platform. No longer does onboarding need to be bogged down with the slow, error-filled challenges of manual handoffs between functional silos.

Native ServiceNow Portal for Users Accelerates Access Reviews, Access Requests, and Audits

Our new self-service portal provides a native ServiceNow experience for supervisors, resource owners, and workers to better manage their digital identity and access rights.

The portal provides a single point of entry for:

  • Performing business decisions relating to access reviews and pending access requests
  • Reporting on all their reports access
  • Interactive modelling of identities reporting to them using enterprise attributes such as location, cost-center, department, company.
  • Providing efficient navigation between Clear Skye end-user facing experiences including the IGA Access Catalog, and further streamlining application governance.
  • Using standard ServiceNow “widgets” so Clear Skye new portal capabilities can be integrated into a ServiceNow customers existing self-service portals, if desired

Improving Productivity with ServiceNow for Microsoft Teams Chatbot Integration

ServiceNow Chatbot integration with Microsoft Teams enables an end-user, manager, or resource owner to easily request access to systems or resources, check on the status of their requests, provide additional request detail, or approve access. Managers or approvers can easily see what requests are outstanding, and process approvals interactively.


Strengthened Security via the Now Platform

Clear Skye 4.2 leverages the Now Connection and Credential Alias records. That means that all Clear Skye integrations (connector) leverage this Now capability to store and manage service account credentials. In a similar fashion, we leverage ServiceNow’s OAuth libraries for authentication rather than building and maintaining our own versions. This helps to reduce a Clear Skye customer’s threat surface, and improves our security. In addition, it’s part of the better together ServiceNow + Clear Skye IGA experience.

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