How Workflow Automation Breaks Down 5 Barriers to Digital Transformation

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John Milburn
Identity Governance
March 21, 2021

Whether their efforts were already in place or accelerated in response to COVID-19, enterprises around the world are embarking on a digital transformation. Knowledge workers throughout the enterprise increasingly expect the systems they use to provide the agility, automation, and information they need to get the job done.

However, when most enterprises try to layer their legacy governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) tools onto their newly transformed processes, they hit a wall. According to a new white paper co-authored by 451 Research and Clear Skye, outdated GRC tools and practices typically throw up five major barriers. Fortunately, cloud-based identity governance and administration tools like Clear Skye IGA are specifically designed to break down these barriers and give employees access to what they need – while restricting access to what they don’t need.

Workflows lack intelligence and automation. Employees need access to the right data at the right time. But 39% of enterprises say intelligence and automation are the most important features that are missing from their compliance products. That’s what powers productivity. Combining automation with a common data model powered by ServiceNow provides shared intelligence across enterprise systems – not just GRC but also IT Service Management, Security Operations, and HR.

Employees spend too much time looking for stuff and doing repetitive stuff. The two features that employees want most out of their enterprise systems are ways to reduce repetitive tasks and more easily store, find, and share information. By leveraging an enterprise’s existing automation engine and UI – the Service Portal – enterprises can facilitate workflow automation and free up employees’ time for high-value tasks.

Enterprises have too many interface and information silos. The biggest hurdles to getting work done in the enterprise are all too familiar: Information is siloed, applications aren’t integrated, and there’s no single app for getting everything done. Clear Skye IGA native to the Now platform supports integrating information from different applications into a single workflow, enabling processes that require dozens of emails, requests, and approvals to be completed in a handful of clicks.

Software tools dictate business processes. When business systems aren’t integrated, employees are forced into outdated business processes that involve a lot of copying, pasting, and emailing. IGA tools that embed identity security data into everyday workflows can provide employees access to multiple business systems within a single workflow. This lets employees – not the software – dictate the business process that’s most productive for a particular task

Delayed onboarding hinders employee’s value to the company. More than 40% of employees must be on the job at least six months in order to begin to add value. It takes 12% of employees a full year. This lack of productivity is the direct result of a slow onboarding process that requires coordination among disparate departments. Aligning identity management and onboarding allows for the automatic provisioning of data and applications to the right users, which removes the productivity delays.

I encourage you to read the full white paper, “How Workflow Automation Can Supercharge IGA,” to learn how your enterprise can streamline work, break down silos between teams, and provide employees with access to tools, data, and resources when they need them. At Clear Skye, we call this #ABetterWaytoIGA – get in touch and see how this approach will benefit your organization.

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