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Erin Duncan
Identity Governance
November 2, 0202

Identity + Public Sector. It’s complicated.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) in the state and federal agency world is complex to say the least. With constantly changing requirements, regulations and budgets, federal organizations have been forced into dealing with these complexities in less than ideal ways. One of the most common approaches is to add a new system(s) to address each changing or added requirement and as they add more, they are forced to build connectors between new systems and existing operational processes applications. The result? A patchwork approach that barely does the job and is almost impossible to manage, especially when it comes to user access and permissions. The combination of these siloed systems along with a continuously revolving door of temporary and contract workers makes for the kind of security risks that keep anyone awake at night.

Simplifying the complex

The good news is that there is a simple solution to these complex IGA challenges. With Clear Skye IGA, everything is better when identity governance is built on and lives in ServiceNow. This means workflow management, access requests, access review, and identity lifecycle management are now streamlined and simplified across the organization. When you put your IGA program on the Now Platform, you can control Identity security the same way you run other key processes. Running IGA on ServiceNow is a better way to IGA™ and removes the need for a separate platform to weave into your existing systems and processes. Your identity governance is instantly an automated and native component of your ServiceNow Now platform.

Benefits to public sector organizations

Clear Skye IGA’s unique approach to Identity Governance specifically address challenges that many public sector organizations have, such as:

  • New employee and contractor training – As missions and budgets change, so does staffing. This makes training staff an issue for many public sector IGA programs. Clear Skye IGA leverages ServiceNow interfaces and processes – things most knowledge workers already know, ensuring that your security processes are not put at risk by ever changing staff.
  • Managing all applications, even legacy ones, in a single place – The vast array of applications that most public sector organizations leverage is very large and complex, including many legacy systems that are too difficult or expensive to automate with traditional IGA connectors. Typically these applications are managed through ITSM style automation, separate from IGA controls. This creates risk in that IT security teams need to manage and integrate two separate systems in order to gain full visibility on application security. Clear Skye IGA, being native to the NOW Platform, is completely aligned with ITSM processes. This means Security professionals can finally have one point of control for all applications.
  • Alignment with organizational transformation – ServiceNow has become increasingly popular in the public sector as it provides a platform that is user (citizen) focused and allows for rapid response (rapid application development). This means that many organizations are driving workflows well beyond ITSM including HR, Citizen Service Management, Incident Response, Integrated Risk Management and others. All of these processes can be greatly enhanced through their alignment with IGA capabilities. As a native part of the Now Platform, Clear Skye IGA is automatically in the stream with the rest of these processes, ensuring that modernization efforts don’t stop at ICAM.

If your organization uses ServiceNow, the choice is easy: Clear Skye IGA

Clear Skye has the critical components of a robust IGA platform. It delivers all of the capabilities but delivers them in a much better way because it’s powered by the best in class workflow automation platform from ServiceNow. The value to you and your organization is that your identity governance will ensure users have access they need efficiently and securely. Never before have identity owners been empowered to participate in their organization’s IT modernization.

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