Integration, Performance, and User Experience are Latest Improvements to Clear Skye IGA 3.7

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October 8, 0202

Clear Skye IGA 3.7 is officially available on the ServiceNow App Store delivering a wealth of helpful features for organizations who are tired of choosing between user experience and security.

This release not only marks performance enhancements to this newest version of Clear Skye IGA, but also highlights our strong, sustained investment in enterprise features with the introduction of the guided setup, advanced relationships, and faster integrations.

While we’ve accomplished a lot since last year’s release to make Clear Skye IGA even more secure and powerful for businesses, we know our work is never done. In Clear Skye IGA 3.7, we’ve focused on being even more helpful and useful for knowledge workers, enabling them to work smarter on and across their teams. And we’ve worked on giving IT security teams the flexibility they need to meet any business challenge.

The Clear Skye team never stops listening to its customers and continues to push the envelope with product innovations now available in the latest release of Clear Skye IGA on the ServiceNow Now Platform.

Using Clear Skye IGA 3.7 customers will now find:

A User Experience that raises the bar

Customers will experience a more natural look and feel overall thanks to updated design interface, terminology, and documentation that sets the IGA user experience standard.

This means our IGA solution flows even better with existing ServiceNow digital workflows and processes. A truly ServiceNow-aligned UX is a unique feature of Clear Skye IGA that you can’t get with other IGA solutions, proving yet again that not all IGA solutions are created equal.

Implementation at lightning speed

There is no question that ease of implementation is a critical consideration when choosing a software application.

Being on the ServiceNow Now Platform, our developers can harness the power of the platform to make the customer experience for IGA flow easier than ever before. The Guided Setup principle of the Now Platform is a great example of this. The new Clear Skye Guided Setup feature provides a helping hand to simplify getting up and running quickly and easily. Since avoiding documentation is a way of life, we’ve built Guided Setup to walk customers through the necessary tasks of setting up the Clear Skye IGA solution in just a few minutes. 

Customers will be aggregating identity data from their business applications and defining security controls before finishing their morning coffee.

Task Management that puts customers in the driver’s seat

Most security professionals would agree that task management is often a tedious and mostly manual process of which many just accept as a requisite painful part of the job. After all, there will always be critical tasks that must remain manual for compliance reasons.

That’s why Clear Skye’s latest IGA release significantly improves our customer’s ability to control, group, and manage these manual tasks in ways that align with unique organizational structures or work styles. This helps improve efficiency and reduce customer frustration.

Ahead of the game with Advanced Relationship Management

Between users and information, relationships can be complicated in a modern digital enterprise. Each person has many relationships and many of those people have multiple personas and different roles within the business.

This makes user access a complex and challenging issue.

How did the user get their access? Was it assigned by Shadow IT or approved from an IGA access policy? Or even requested from a service portal? How can our customers be sure?

Clear Skye is laying the groundwork for future releases to include an enhanced audit log feature so that customers have the answers they need to keep their business secure and prepare for their next compliance audit.

But Clear Skye IGA 3.7 doesn’t stop there.

Look for additional enhancements coming soon that will deliver even more powerful capability to track and manage complex user relationships with intelligent modeling and reporting.

Get started with 3.7

Clear Skye IGA 3.7 is available starting today on the ServiceNow App Store and we’re working with a number of partners to launch or upgrade client implementations to Clear Skye IGA 3.7 this year. For more information on the Clear Skye IGA 3.7 enterprise features, visit our ServiceNow App Store page.

 A better way to IGA™

With Clear Skye, customers have everything they need to automate workflows, manage permissions and stay 100% compliant, all in the cloud, with less investment of time and money. Plus get the scalability and real time integration advantages of the ServiceNow Now Platform making digital workflows flow better.

Clear Skye reimagines enterprise identity access and risk management software to make a complicated problem easier to manage by putting IGA where it belongs — on the ServiceNow Now Platform.

Read the latest articles and POVs in our blog at for the big picture.


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