Reducing Risk and Ensuring Dracula's Safety for Another Quarter

written by
Erin Duncan
Identity Governance
October 30, 2023

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Even Dracula's castle needs to be secure. Dracula Inc. uses ServiceNow for ITSM, ITOM, CMDB, and HR, and has been using Clear Skye IGA for their access reviews for some time.

TJ walks us through Dracula Inc.'s quarterly access and security measures, making decisions about who should have access to different areas.

TJ decides to remove the mummy's access for not paying rent and not cleaning up, and to disable Charles the gravedigger's access again. The bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster are kept on for their ongoing work. Van Helsing, a vampire hunter, is allowed to stay in the village but not the mansion, and Tammy in the witch's lab in Palm Springs is doing great research, so maintains her access.

In the end, TJ finalizes the review, reducing risk and ensuring Dracula's safety for another quarter.

Clear Skye Access Reviews simplifies access certifications and provides audit and security visibility through the ServiceNow Platform. By automating compliance activities, IT experiences increased speed and accuracy of access certifications through the easy-to-use Service Portal. This approach enables them to easily monitor progress of identity initiatives and ensures appropriate levels of access across the organization at the point of need. And when workflow processes are consistent with business processes, everyone wins.

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