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Gina Devine
Identity Governance
August 17, 2022

We all know the feeling of starting a new job. For most, it’s a cross between excitement and overwhelm learning the ropes. The first few hours or days are often spent meeting new colleagues, getting situated, and being onboarded. And unfortunately, the process is typically flawed. Onboarding is complex, requiring different departments to work together to ensure people have access to the tools and systems they need to succeed.

It may seem inconsequential, but onboarding sets the tone for your organization and how it operates. As such, careful consideration should be given to a new team member’s first days on the job. Fortunately, there are some tactics organizations can implement to make sure onboarding is smooth, and all subsequent HR and IT requests follow suit. And it starts on your business platform.

Automated Lifecycle Management + HR Platform Integrations

Clear Skye enables you to provide employees with the right policy- and security-driven access at the right time, using a powerful combination of ServiceNow CMDB data and HR role- and attribute-based policies. Through the Now Platform, IT can facilitate provisioning of access to applications, hardware, physical security, and training via one seamless experience.

Recent HR-specific product updates reflect our commitment to taking the guesswork out of onboarding. Clear Skye IGA 4.2 delivered improved integration with popular HR platforms, Workday and SAP Success Factors, with more on the way. Easy and accurate low- and no-code business workflows ensure IT departments have automated processes for account creation and permissioning across all applications.

Our new self-service portal integrated with ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams provides a familiar experience for supervisors and workers to better manage digital identities and access. Additionally, our 4.3 enhancements enable updates to employment, as well as enable/disable and onboard/offboard features—a highly requested update from customers. With increased functionality and identity-enabled onboarding from the ServiceNow HR Onboarding and Transitions application, getting new team members up to speed has never been easier.

Now, as we mentioned, employee onboarding is a cross-functional activity, involving HR, finance, IT, and more. Therefore, unique, cross-departmental workflows that are automated and managed on the Now Platform are extremely valuable in the onboarding process. With Clear Skye, you can kiss slow, error-prone, manual handoffs between functional silos goodbye.

When onboarding happens through processes and systems employees will never use again, you’re missing an opportunity. Organizations should take stock of their existing employee experiences, and integrate that same UX into onboarding. Rather than just a box to check for new hires, onboarding becomes a strategic way to ramp up employees on the tools they’ll be using in their role. The faster they can get comfortable with processes, the faster they can start driving value for the business.

Employees are the lifeblood of any business, so starting off right with an easy, intuitive onboarding process is crucial. Employers would be smart to ensure that the early days on the job aren’t foreshadowing confusion and frustration ahead because the reality is, loyalty only goes so far. Research from Workplace Trends found that 15% of employees have boomeranged back to a former employee, while 40% say they would consider boomeranging back to a company where they had previously worked.

We’re not blaming subpar onboarding alone for employees with career ‘buyer’s remorse.’ But first impressions count. Boomerangs bring with them institutional knowledge, require less time onboarding and ramping up in their role, and are familiar with job duties, processes, and company culture. This means they can hit the ground running and provide real business value instantly. Give employees the tools to do this from the beginning, not only to provide a better work environment, but to hang onto your talent.

The goal should be to make onboarding as painless as possible. Take a page from the boomerangs: they’re looking for familiar UX and processes, so they can be productive and fulfilled at work. Delivering that seamless experience is not only good for morale—it’s good for your bottom line. And the easiest way to do this is through a business platform you’re already using, like ServiceNow.

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