Identity built on servicenow

Optimized Identity for Digitally Transformed Organizations

Clear Skye is an identity security and governance solution built natively on the ServiceNow platform.

We reimagine enterprise identity access and risk management by enabling organizations to use a familiar interface, provide deeper identity control and insight, and build a bridge between the business and IT.

By reducing silos between functional areas like HR, IT, SecOps, and GRC, Clear Skye reduces friction, increases efficiency, and accelerates time-to-value.
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Identity Security on ServiceNow

Identity works better when it’s native to ServiceNow. With Clear Skye, you can streamline, simplify, and secure your business today.
Clear Skye access review

Access Review

Increase the speed and accuracy of attestation and gain visibility into and control over what levels of access are appropriate for users and groups.

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Clear Skye access request

Access Request

Reduce help desk workload and user frustration by understanding where and how to request access to business applications.

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Clear Skye

Identity Lifecycle Management

Ensure that users can work efficiently with the right policy- and security-driven level of access at the right time without delay.

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security operations clearskye

Security Operations

Improve security incident response efficiency and reduce access-related vulnerabilities.

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clear skye risk management

Risk Management

Improve overall risk posture, secure identities and access, and enhance compliance initiatives.

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Clear Skye

Trust and Security

Clear Skye IGA is rigorously tested and certified by ServiceNow before every release to the ServiceNow Store. This ensures platform stability, performance, and security persists.

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Clear Skye workflow mgmt

Workflow Management

Support your business functions using modern low- and no-code ServiceNow Flow Designer.

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Clear Skye Built on Now

The digital transformation of today’s enterprises means that it’s never been easier for your employees to log on, log in, and get things done. But it’s a challenge for the identity teams tasked with managing compliance, controlling access, and monitoring threats.

Whether you’re running ITSM, Security Operations, GRC/IRM or HR Service Delivery, there are unique identity capabilities that can add value to your ServiceNow platform investment.

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