Everything You Need to Know about Clear Skye 4.4

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Paul Walker
Identity Governance
July 23, 2022

Clear Skye has a unique offering. We’re not just drinking the Kool-Aid either. If you’re here, you probably already know we’re the primary identity governance solution that runs natively on ServiceNow. It’s what enables us to integrate seamlessly with customers’ existing business platform—the Now Platform—and avoid many of the headaches associated with new tech implementations. This means users can maximize their current ServiceNow investment and get their IGA program up and running almost instantaneously.  

Sounds like a no-brainer. But we also realize that not everyone has years of ServiceNow experience. Customers have expressed the need for identity-related tasks to be easier, and we’re listening. Back in February, on the heels of our Series A funding announcement, we talked about how integral customer-driven product updates are to our evolution. Since then—well, technically before then, too—we’ve had several product releases: 4.2, 4.3, and most recently 4.4, to back up this claim.  

Clear Skye IGA 4.4

So far in 2022, we’ve delivered:  

    Easy-to-use, low-code components in Flow Designer  
    15 minutes from configuration to access reviews
    Improved user experience and ability to sync authoritative changes to downstream applications
    Policy-driven flow for lifecycle management, and improved connectors

So, how did we get there? It all started with Clear Skye IGA 4.0. By adopting the  ServiceNow Flow Designer  technology, we gained the ability to use a combination of natural language and pre-built spokes to build low- and no-code business workflows. Essentially, we improved the accuracy of lifecycle events, and identity-enabled onboarding from the ServiceNow HR Onboarding and Transitions application.  

Clear Skye IGA 4.2: Enhanced lifecycle management

Then came Clear Skye IGA 4.2, which delivered improved integration with widely-used HR platforms, Workday and SAP Success Factors. Through easy and accurate low- and no-code business workflows, we could ensure that IT departments had an automated process for account creation and permissioning across all applications. Additionally, the new self-service portal integrated with ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams provided a familiar experience for supervisors and workers to better manage digital identity and access within their organization.

Lifecycle management was a big tenet of 4.2. With this, low-code and policy-driven approaches were enabled to automatically onboard a new identity from an HR system. So, naturally, once things were up and running smoothly with Workday and SAP, the next step was connecting to new HR systems. From this need, 4.3 was born with some other exciting capabilities, too.  

Clear Skye IGA 4.3: Accelerated time-to-value

Notable Clear Skye 4.3 enhancements included extended HR integrations, enabling updates to employment, as well as enable/disable and onboard/offboard features. To keep on the theme of customer-driven product updates, this was number one on CSMs list of must-haves.  

That’s not all: 4.3 is also where low-code flow met identity management. This meant improved user experience (UX) for our citizen developers. It also meant you could get rid of scripts and build logic instead of code. Perhaps most impressive, it meant 15 minutes from starting configuration to doing access reviews. Yes, you read that right, 1-5. Customers could also now treat this as a template to clone and customize their work.  

Clear Skye IGA 4.4: Improved deployment velocity and new connectors

All of this has led us to the present: Clear Skye IGA 4.4. This release is an extension of what we’ve been building with core IGA and additional integration capabilities. Straightforward? Yes—but it’s what allows us to deliver top-notch identity lifecycle management and faster time-to-value for our customers. Improved deployment velocity and new connectors are the drivers behind this.  

More specifically, 4.4 helps Clear Skye customers integrate IGA with other SaaS platforms, enhance lifecycle management through improved onboarding and lifecycle policies, and manage future-date identity onboarding tasks. New AWS IAM, Azure Graph, and Salesforce CRM connectors, and additional Flow Designer flows round out the list of what’s new, among other enhancements and changes. And we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Clear Skye IGA 4.4 is available now on the ServiceNow Store. If you want to learn more about working with Clear Skye, visit: https://clearskye.com/our-solution/overview or request a demo. We’re constantly sourcing feedback and improving our technology, so stay tuned for more product news soon!  

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